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  • Modifying Child Support, Child Custody, and Access - Fact Sheet

    Click this link for information on how you can change prior orders concerning children in Texas. Read More

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  • Motion to Set Hearing - SAPCR PDF

    Some courts require the the petitioner to submit a motion in order to get a hearing date. Use these forms if your particular court requires a "motion to set" and "order setting hearing." Some courts only ask that you contact the other parent (the respondent) and come to an agreement as to the date and time of the hearing, and no extra form is necessary. Content Detail

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  • Office of the Texas Attorney General Co-Parenting Guide

    Excerpt: "Co-Parenting" (sometimes called "shared parenting") is when both parents work together as a team to raise their children, even after the marriage or romantic relationship is over. This is not a skill that most people are taught, so you may have to do some learning along the way to find out the best way to co-parent in your family. This guide will give you some helpful tips to start learning to co-parent. Content Detail

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