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  • Modification Kit

    Here you will find all of the documents needed to modify your child support and custody orders. Please note that these forms can only be used when the modification is uncontested. Read More

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  • Default Judgment

    These forms explain what you need to do to get a final judgment when the other party will not respond to the lawsuit or appear in court. This kit includes instructions and explanations about what you must do, a checklist for the forms you need, and the actual forms you can use. Read More

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  • General Affidavit (free form) PDF

    A General Affidavit is a written statement, sworn to be true, giving specific reasons to support the things you are asking a judge to do. It is required when you ask the court for "extraordinary" or extra special relief like removing someone from a home or protecting children from an abusive parent These forms have instructions on how to complete the affidavit and a blank affidavit form. Content Detail

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  • Parenting Orders and Visitation PDF

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