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    Disability Rights Texas
  • Filing a Complaint with the Texas Education Agency

    Parents and others who have complaints about the special education services being provided by a school district may file a complaint with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Read More

    Texas Education Agency and Disability Rights Texas
  • Special Education in Texas- Information for Parents and Students

    Click here for information about special education for students in Texas. Read More

    Disability Rights Texas -- Main Office
  • School Healthcare Guidelines

    * Guidelines for training school employees who are not licensed healthcare professionals. * Recommendations for nursing practice in schools, including fact sheets and training outlines. * Guide developed by the National Diabetes Education Program to help students with Diabetes in schools. * Care and training program information for persons working with students with diabetes in Texas schools. * Healthy eating and activity guides. * Educational resources regarding insulin resistance and risk assessment. Read More

    Texas Department of State Health Services