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Payday Loans, Debt, and Banking Regulations

General Legal Information

This section prvides guides and publications on the following subjects:

Personal Loans: A situation where a person borrows funds from another person or party (ex: Bank) and agrees to repay the funds, along with interest in the future.

Payday Loans: This is a type of short term loan that must be paid in full when the borrower recieves his or her paycheck. There are high fees associated with payday loans and it is generally not a good idea to get a payday loan.

Banking Services:  The services and value that banks or credit unions provide to their customers.

  • Payday Loans: The Law, Easy to Read Pamplets & Videos

    This includes a list of links to the actual statutes, laws, and regulations on Payday loans. Below the listing of legal reference links are links to easy to read guides published by government and nonprofits explaining your rights, what to watch out for, and possible remedies. Read More