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Debt Collection, Garnishment, and Reposession

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Debt Collection: The process that creditors use to try and get funds they feel is owed to them by debtors.

Garnishment: When a creditor gets a court order to take funds directly from income (ex: work paycheck) to get back funds owed to them by a debtor.

Repossession:  The act of taking back a piece of property that was used as collateral by a debtor to borrow funds from a creditor.

  • Freezing Bank Accounts for Debt Payment & Template to Respond PDF

    If you have been sued on a debt, AND there has been a judgement issued against you, it's possible that your bank account can be frozen and funds transferred to the debt collector against your will. However, some bank accounts only hold funds that are EXEMPT from this forced transfer, such as social security. Click here for a brief summary of the law and a template to send your bank if you believe you might be at risk of this. Content Detail

    Legal Hotline for Texans
  • Student Loan Deferment Packet

    A deferment is a way to postpone paying back your student loans for a certain period of time. This packet contains information about the federal student loan unemployment deferment. Click this link for more information and a self packet to help you, now! Content Detail

    Student Loan Borrower Assistance
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