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This website was created to help people who have to handle simple civil legal problems without a lawyer. We offer free publications you can read to learn about a specific area of the law, and forms you can use to help represent yourself in court. We also produce videos you can watch to understand your legal issues. These are not a substitute for having an attorney.  If you need more help please contact legal aid  or contact a private attorney.  If you want help finding information click the Free Live Chat button to chat with someone who can help you.

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Do-It-Yourself Forms - Interactive

 TexasLawHelp.org now offers free "interactive" forms to help you with your legal issue.  Once you finish a step-by-step interview that asks questions about your legal issue, a legal document will be created that you can print out.  


Do-It-Yourself Forms - Interactive are available for:   

  •   Protective Order

  •   Affidavit of Inability to Pay

  •   Uncontested Divorce In Texas (with or without children)

View all interactive forms. 

Do-It-Yourself Forms - Printable

TexasLawHelp.org offers many free legal forms for a wide range of civil legal issues that you may fill out, print, and submit to a court:

Always consult a lawyer before using any forms. Also, contact your court clerk to see if the forms are acceptable in your county. View all printable forms.

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