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 Do It Yourself Divorce

All In One Do It Yourself Divorce Guide

On this page you will be able to:

  • READ over the law about divorce.
  • WATCH Videos on the divorce process.
  • Get a summary on how to PREPARE to do your own divorce AND
  • Fill out interactive divorce FORMS or print out fill out fill in the blank divorce forms you can then file to do your own divorce.

Divorce Forms

Interactive Divorce Forms

Click the link above for a series of interactive divorce forms that will guide you through the uncontested divorce process. Start by taking the interview for the Petition and go from there!






Helpful Videos

Click here to watch now.

Click the link above to watch useful videos to guide you through uncontested divorce in Texas.

Legal Aid

Find Help

Click the link above for good information on where you can get more help on your issues in your county.

If legal aid won't take your case, consider contacting a private attorney for  limited scope representation to get detailed legal advice on your issues. It is better to do things the right way once then to have to go back later.


To find a private attorney you can contact the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service. Click here for more information.


Click here for information on how to select a lawyer.


Click here for information on Limited Scope Representation.

Planning and Preparation

Note: The following steps are for those just starting the do it yourself divorce process.


Before starting take an interview which will tell you if do it yourself divorce is a good option for you.


Step 1.   Write out a statement of facts detailing what has happened during your marriage.  Also, while writing the statement of facts gather important documents and other evidence that proves what you say happened.


Step 2.   Write out what you would like as a result of the divorce and what you are willing to compromise on.

Step 3.   Read over the information on Divorce Law in the top section of the second column. If there was family violence in the marriage read through the Family Violence section.

  •  NOTE: If there was Family Violence contact legal aid, the Texas Advocacy Project,  or the National Domestic Violence Hotline for more help before filing your divorce paperwork.

Step 4.   Watch the videos in the Helpful Videos Section.

Step 5.   Confirm with your spouse that the divorce will actually be uncontested. A divorce is contested if any issue of the divorce , such as division of property or custody of the children, is not agreed to by both parties. If the divorce will be contested our forms can not be used and you should consult legal aid or a private attorney for more assistance. 

Step 6.   If the divorce is uncontested, contact legal aid or a private attorney for at least detailed legal advice on your issues, before you start filling out the forms. 

Step 7.    Click the link in the Divorce Forms Section , and fill out either the interactive or fill in the blank divorce forms.

Step 8.    Make sure to read over all instructions included with those forms.  Click here for the instructions. Follow the instructions and any legal advice you have received and go from there. The instructions will tell you how to finish your divorce. Also refer back to the information and videos available on this page throughout the process.